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All services are now able to be booked online. This allows us to have a dedicated time to focus on you without the distraction of others. Walk-in services are not being offered.


Welcome to the page! I'm William, a specialist body piercer based in Hobart, Australia.


As a specialist piercer, my focus is solely on piercing and providing the best service I possibly can for each and every client. Getting a piercing can be a daunting process for many and I aim make it as safe, friendly and gentle as possible! 


I am Tasmania's only member of the APP (Association of Professional Piercers) and operator of one of only 8 piercing studios in Australia that meet the APP's member standards for body piercing studios.

I am also serving on the board of directors for the AUPP (Australasian United Professional Piercers) which is an Australian based non-profit organisation dedicated to improving education and regulation relating to the body piercing industry.


After serving a formal piercing apprenticeship (not a short course) and taking over the reigns from my mentor, I have continued to further my qualifications by completing various relevant courses such as CPR/First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control. 

For every single piercing, surgical sterile gloves are worn (not exam gloves). All jewellery and piercing implements are sterilised in a state of the art autoclave with Pass/Fail verification for your assurance everything is as clean as can be. I believe every single piercing – regardless of it being the most simple or more complex – should be executed as safely as possible. For this reason I never use piercing guns.

Click here to read why piercing guns are never appropriate


The jewellery I carry is second to none. All jewellery used for initial piercing is supplied from the industry's leading designers out of the safest, hypoallergenic materials available in the world. 


Excellent jewellery means your piercing will heal faster (and hurt less during healing). Externally threaded, poorly polished and low quality materials will hinder your healing process.

The jewellery I carry for most initial piercings is made of ASTM F-136 certified implant grade Titanium and 14k or 18k solid Gold.

Jewellery is hand polished to a mirror finish to offer the smoothest surface possible and features an internally threaded or “threadless” attachment system - no sharp threads to damage your piercing during insertion/removal! Gemmed items (Stunning genuine gemstones and Swarovski gemstone options are available) are set without glues or adhesives like fine jewellery should be.

Quality jewellery is an investment and each piece comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects. Unlike external jewellery or clothing, you wear this jewellery 24/7 so you want it to look amazing all the time!

See more from some of my beautiful suppliers:

Anatometal (Titanium and 18kt Solid Gold)
BVLA (14kt, 18kt Solid Gold and Platinum)




147 Liverpool Street,
Hobart. Australia. 7000.









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10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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